My Sears Wishbook Christmas Memories & A Sears Giftcard Giveaway!

Sitting Cabbage Patch Doll with Orange Hair and Blue eyes

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Christmas decor with lights and brown reindeer doll

As all of you know, I am absolutely, without a doubt crazy about Christmas. My baking starts in November, my Christmas tree is up as soon as I can harangue Mike into getting it out from storage and Christmas carols are on the music playlist starting as soon as I can get away with it -which is usually as soon as I start baking those Christmas cookies for bribery.

I have loved Christmas for as long as I can remember, and that love has just grown deeper every year— tripling even—when I had my own children. When I was asked to share my Christmas memories I didn’t even know where to start.

Who in our generation hasn’t spent time circling the items they wanted in the Sears Wish Book for weeks before Christmas? Who didn’t colour code pens with their brother and sister, making sure that no one circled the same thing twice in the same colour so that there was no mistaking whose choice was whose? We would wait anxiously every year for my Mom and Dad to bring out the new Wish Book and it wasn’t limited to toys. Oh no! I used to pour over every page of that book!

My very favourite childhood memory, however, has to do with a Cabbage Patch Doll. Oh, I can just feel some of you nodding your heads and smiling in agreement.

It was 1985, one of the crazy years when Cabbage Patch Kids exploded across North America. Those dolls were on every wish list of every girl I knew back then, and my nine-year-old self was no exception. I desperately wanted a Cabbage Patch Doll more than anything else on my Christmas list.

Christmas morning came that year and I remember looking through all of the gifts, anxiously searching for one that had the same measurements of the box that would house a Cabbage Patch Doll. My little heart sank when I couldn’t find a single one. I set aside two boxes that I still had hope for and proceeded to open up everything else before them.

I opened the first box to find socks and a pair of slippers. Anti-climactic or what! I know that I should be happy about socks and slippers and grateful for all presents, but that memory is a clear as glass to me; I just wanted to throw them aside and see what was next. I remember that moment whenever my kids are given items like that, let’s face it; socks and underwear are not exciting. Gratitude, yes. Excitement? Well, not so much.

That last box held my final hope for my Cabbage Patch Kid and to this day I remember what it felt like when I opened that box and found her inside.  The joy, the surprise and the excitement of that moment is something I have always hoped to create with my own kids at Christmas.

Sitting Cabbage Patch Doll with Orange Hair and Blue eyes

Oh yes, I still have her. Her shoes, tights and original dress are somewhere in my daughter’s room, in a bin full of all my Cabbage Patch things. I haven’t kept much from my childhood but my dolls and dresses are now being played with by my daughter. Her hair used to be in braids, I believe, and her name is Celeste.

That box, with my first Cabbage Patch Kid, had come from my Grandma in Winnipeg. I’m not sure how or when she found it, but obviously she had to re-package the doll so she could send it by Greyhound affordably, instead of one of those huge boxes that they used to come in.

This very reminiscent post also has a fabulous giveaway attached!

Sears has three (3) $50 gift cards for me to giveaway to you guys! Merry Christmas to you!

Make sure to head on over to and check out all the amazing things they have in store for Christmas!

The rules are the same, you get many choices chances to enter in the form below! Good luck everyone! This is open to Canadian residents only!



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  1. MrDPrize says

    my fav memory was getting a set of Star Wars figures from Sears for Christmas

  2. MargaretImecs says

    My favourite holiday memory is decorating the tree and singing Christmas Carols.

  3. AnnetteP says

    My favorite wishbook memory was getting the big catalog and going straight to the Barbie section – I wanted everything!

  4. DonnaSnugglebunsDufresne says

    I subscribed my favorite thing used to be sitting with the kids when they were small and telling them Santa needed help to get them their toys it was fun to sit and watch them circle what they wanted from Santa they have fond memories of that too I miss getting them wish books!! I als remember doing the same when I was a little tart myself

  5. PamWoodHumphrey says

    one of my fave memories is sitting with my sister.  We would get to choose the left or right side pages of the wish book and we would imagine all the things on our page were what WE were getting.

  6. EldoLai says

    My favourite memory is meeting Santa for the first time

  7. SueSueper says

    I remember waiting for the WishBook every year to check out the toys that I hoped Santa would bring me. 

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