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My Favorite Things: Grandma’s German Cookbook


This year I promised myself that I would start reading and reviewing more cook books here on The Kitchen Magpie, not only to force myself to sit down and relax for two seconds and read a book, but also to add more to my Favorite Things category. My Favorite Things category is a fun one; it will only consist of anything I truly like, enjoy, bought, was given, ate..oh, you name it, it will be in this category.

I’ll start with a few books that I received over Christmas from DK Publishing. Long has DK been a favorite publisher for books, the mix of storytelling with reference material is a media form that I truly enjoy.

The Grandma’s German Cookbook is no exception, it’s a gorgeous book of mouth-watering recipes with stories of real German grandma’s in their kitchens intermingled between. If you are looking for classic German recipes, to perhaps explore your own heritage by finding familiar recipes, this book is a great start.

I am intrigued by the Potato and jam pastries; long have my mother and I talked about my grandmother’s donuts that used potato in them. We have never come across a recipe that is like hers – this summer we are planning on doing some recipe research in my grandma’s belongings- and that recipe seems like it would be very close. I am going to have to try it soon and compare.

That does show you how close cultures collide recipe-wise, we are Ukrainian without a smidge of German ancestry yet that potato pastry recipe is so very close to one of our own!

The publisher’s description:

Whether it’s crispy fried potatoes, steamed dumplings, or a creamy jelly roll stuffed with raspberries, no one makes food as good as a German grandmother — that is, until now!

Featuring eighty-five classic recipes, from soups to Sunday roasts, and desserts to Christmas favorites,Grandma’s German Cookbook is loaded with recipes any German grandmother would proudly serve her family.

They’ll also discover charming profiles of German grandmothers and their takes on classic dishes, for added authentic inspiration.

For more information on this book and others, you can visit DK Books at, and click the flag to choose your country.


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    March 13, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Sadly, the stollen recipe int his book  does not work. It turns into a pancake in the oven.

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