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My Dishwasher: The Second Hardest Worker in The Family

When the chance came up to try out the newest Finish additives for the dishwasher I hopped right on board.

This is what is under my kitchen sink at the moment for cleaning my dishes:


I can’t believe that I just let you look under my messy sink.


Since I already am a huge believer in the Finish products, I hopped on board to do a – very rare- product test and review here for you guys.

As a food blogger, I throw things in my dishwasher that probably shouldn’t ever be in it. I’m hard on my dishwasher, there are days that I can run two full loads just from developing new recipes in my kitchen during the day, never mind the ensuing dinner dishes when the family gets home.

I hate spots. I’m lazy but to add to that is the fact that I use my dishes are props. Spots or dirty dishes just have to be washed by hand before I use them in my photos and let me tell you, I hate it.

I also don’t have time to rewash anything. I just don’t. My days are so jam-packed that if I have to re-run a load of dishes that I need to use for recipe developing it puts a total time crimp in my day.

I tried out a liquid detergent recently because a) it was there waiting to be used,  b) I am so cheap that if it’s there, I have to use it and c) did I mention I am cheap?.

I got so mad cleaning wineglasses after every dishwasher cycle that I stopped using in within three days.

When Finish asked me to try out their Dishwasher Cleaner and Jet-Dry Agent my first thought was “Wait,  you’re supposed to clean your dishwasher?”

To defend myself, I DO clean out the dishwasher, I clean the traps out at the bottom. (WORLD’S WORST JOB EVER). However, I’ve never run something through my dishwasher to cleanse it thoroughly and to be honest, I’ve never thought of doing it!

Mike however, had no such qualms.

He grabbed that bottle, threw it in the dishwasher, ran the cleaner through and was one happy man!

Yes, I am one lucky woman, Mike does most of the dinner dishes.

I use the entire line of Finish products and just only now checked out their website and the videos posted there.

I loved this one:

I’m not the only one who argues with her mother about pre-rinsing, right? We are not pre-rinsers and that’s just sheer laziness on our part. Now I actually have facts behind my argument!

For more videos and instructions go to the Finish Dishwashing Expert website, I watched way too many of them, including the dishwasher myths, which again, proved my laziness to be correct 😉

So, tell me, am I the only one who doesn’t think of cleaning her dishwasher at all?



Disclosure: I am part of the Finish Canada Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own


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