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Merry Christmoose to Me… Merry Christmoose to Me….

My Boxing Day spoils…and only some of them! I won’t bore you with other pics of my new decorations. But I did buy new, non-shatter decorations for the tree and oh so adorable stuff!I went at 7:00 am to the St Alberta Walmart and stood in line for an HOUR because they had two!!! cashiers on.

My additions to my weird moose addicted-collection.

And I was Supermom for Mr K today, he has been wanting this Christmas train since he saw it, and I promised I would go back Boxing Day (its $40 regular and I am too cheap) and buy it with a giftcard of his if he got one. And hey, Mom benefits because I get to put it around the tree next year. And Nana did give him a card, sure enough, so I bought him this and Shrek 2. He has the croup (ugh) so we are staying home and missing our Calgary party (insert big sad face here please) We will head down when he’s all better, but still, I hate to miss the party.

That’s about it, did some shopping for my sister, bought myself Angel Season 3….managed to fiddle away the day until 3, can’t believe The Princess lasted with my mom and I. We will be doing a whole lot of nothing waiting for Mr K to get better and hoping that The Princess doesn’t catch it. Blech.



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    September 8, 2012 at 2:05 am

    its beatifull

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    December 29, 2007 at 5:56 am

    ugh, sorry K has croup! E got his first ear infection on christmas eve. Yup. Happy Sickmas!-A

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