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Last Week On The Magpie Farm: Let’s All Get Along.

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This last week on the farm was quiet, which in turn means all is good. Now if you haven’t already come to the conclusion –  I tend to worry about my animals a bit too much and stress about if they are ok when I am not around. I have come up with a solution that I depend on, and greatly enjoy using. What I have done is set up security cameras for both the cows and the chickens. The cameras I use only need internet and no monthly subscription which is a bonus. The camera I have for the chicken coop is inside and I can pan it around to see if the automatic door has closed and if everyone is inside for the night safe and sound. It also has night vision.

If you remember Queenie had all her flockmates sold over a week ago and she was isolated and alone and not fitting in well. This last week she has been getting closer to the rest of the flock while out scratching, and nobody has been picking on her or singling her out. During the night Queenie has always been at the far opposite end of the roost from all the other chickens. But while I have been monitoring their roosting habits and making sure the door is closed every night I have noticed she has been roosting with the group. Not on cold nights either. It’s just the opposite, the nights are now warm and she has started to roost with the flock – We are so happy that she is integrating well, even though its slow!

The little pigeons are growing as it has been another week!  Their eyes are open and they look like little pelicans!

Fiona and Lulubelle are eagerly eating up all the fresh sprigs of green grass and alfalfa that is starting to grow with the spring rains. I am happy to report that when we opened the gate to the new pasture that Fiona has learned to be a bit more wary of the fences by walking around the edges first, instead of running headlong into them.

This week also brought on a new project! A long time ago (about 50 years or so) there was a building on the property and all that is left is the concrete foundation. This area is 8 feet by 17 feet long. It is filled with chives and irises that never bloom, and a dead bush that dies a little more each year.  So with the help of my parents I decided to rip out the top 6 inches of roots and start anew. It is destined to be a garden of mostly perennial bushes that consist of raspberries, saskatoons and any other berries of the sort.  I hope to have it well under way for next week!

Check in with us next week to see how our garden has progressed!


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  1. Mary Akis says

    I work at a Library and one of my fellow co-workers pointed me towards your Blog, all I can say is WOW and THANKS….you have enough recipies for me to start baking and take me out of my comfort zone for the rest of the coller months, which lets face it. I’m in NW Ontario and we’re headed for at least 5 months of it ALL. I also enjoyed perusing through your pics and although I don;t have bar animals or chickens, it was a good read…maybe y ou should turn off the cameras once in a while so the chickens can have some privacy..LOL

    Thanks a bunch, stay warm and I’ll be back on my weekends off to snopp around a bit more

    • Mary Akis says

      That should have been snoop….I hit the reply key too quickly

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