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Last Week At The Magpie Farm: They Are Here!

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Wow! Hatching my own eggs – What a great experience! How can these eggs go from just a regular egg to this little animal in only 21 days? It amazes me. I am already attached to these little ones especially Penny, she seems to be a wee bit sassy.

Meet this new adorable crew of six! From left to right:  Pepper, Stormy, Penny, Dot, Cotton and Poppy. In about 10 weeks I should be able to tell the roosters from hens and see if we get a 50/50 split or not.

Incubating the eggs was relatively easy if you follow the many specific directions. Don’t open the incubator after day 19 or they die, do not let the humidity drop – or they die, if you turn the eggs an even number of times during the day – they die, don’t help a chick out of its shell and on and on and on. I swear, every time something new happened in the incubator I sat down at my computer to google the chicken forums to see if what is happening is normal and pray that I did SOMETHING right.

One thing I had read of a possible problem was power outages leaving eggs cold for almost a day! So I prepared a bit with having my booster pack plugged in and fully charged incase we were caught in that situation.

Chicks normally take 21 days to hatch, though mine are already over achievers and two started to hatch on day 19 in the afternoon. They poke a tiny hole in the shell and then it can take up to 24 hours for them to fully hatch. Talk about watching the incubator like a hawk for these guys to appear! Below is a picture of the first to hatch which was pepper! Before I incubated these eggs it was plus 30 the whole week and I kept the eggs on the counter so I think a few may have started before I got them in the incubator! Or my hens just lay awesome eggs, not sure.

We should have our second hatch starting to pip next weekend – Lets see if we get an identical set of six!

Thanks for stopping by to meet the newest fuzzy butts! Check in next week to see how these chicks are doing and if the second hatch has started!

Karami – The crazy chicken lady.

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