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Last Week At The Magpie Farm: Silkie Chicks & No Calves.

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As I suspected the last few months, our cows were not bred. Oh well….but now again I have to try to get them bred in the next month or two, so here we go with attempt number 2! 

The little silkie chicks I have hatched have been feathering out oh, so very slowly. They are now 9 weeks old and have fluffed out, but not grown much at all. They each have their own personalities, and guessing who is a hen or who is a rooster with this bunch will keep you guessing for many months. I have heard the easiest way to see if it is a rooster with silkies is you have to wait until it crows – and that may not be until 10 or 11 months old. So here is the bunch we have named and ones we have yet to pin a suitable name with.

I refer to the chicks as her and him, but those are most likely incorrect, and name reassignment may be needed later because we are only guessing.

This is is our showgirl- Fancy, she really lives up to her name and when she runs she does this little skip / jump.

This is Elvis – He is a polish mix and my son took 2 weeks to name him and he will have beautiful coloring.

This is Poppy – A white silkie smallest of the bunch, so I think a female. She squawks the least.

This is Louie, a silkie mix, and he is a character. The look on his face is always so comical but its hard to see his eyes in all the fluff. He hates being picked up and is very loud.

This is an all black silkie and the largest of all of them. So I think it’s a rooster, and he has no name yet.

Another all black silkie that has lighter brown around the face, no name yet for this one but he’s quiet.

And last is Teddy -a silkie, polish cross. When he hatched I had to tape his legs together and hand feed him for over a week and was sure he wouldn’t make it, but he is one of the most vigorous of the bunch now.

Until next week, everyone!  I’ll be working hard to find a bull for the girls, don’t you worry!



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  1. Dave Phillips says

    Hi, Karami. I just love your posts. I live in Southern Ontario but have three children who live out West with their partners/children – Golden, Edmonton and Calgary. I usually only see them once a year – miss them terribly. Your posts help to ‘flesh out’ where they live. Thanks. Have a great day☺

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