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Last Week At The Magpie Farm – New Friends Meet

This last week has had a lot of excitement. We have two groups of six chicks now 9 weeks old (and we have no firm number of how many are roosters or hens) – One group in Edmonton and one group in Calgary. So this last Thursday the Edmonton chicks came down and we introduced them all in one pen with a wire divider down the center. There were quite a few fights through the wire and some small cuts. They calmed down mostly after the first day and were left to introduce themselves through the wire for three days.

By Sunday afternoon we removed the divider and the pen inside the coop. With the door closed and the pen removed it was pandemonium for a good five minutes. They were all flapping around and excited and trying to find their familiar flock members.  They divided up again into their groups of six – mine staying at my feet wherever I went in the coop. I have one small ameraucana at the top of the picture you can see she is half the size of all the others yet she is the same age. Her name is Miss Prissy and she was always healthy but my fear is she will be picked on since she is the smallest out of everyone. I’ll be keeping a close eye on them.

I also picked up a large waterer for them that should hold a weeks worth of water in there. The feeder also was recommended for little to no food spillage and it holds up to 25 lbs of food – I am hoping it will only need filling once a week when they are free ranging.

When you raise two calves from 3 days old you get to know them and their sounds very well. You think a Moo is the same as any other Moo right? Well, not really. When I come out of the house the cows cannot see me but they hear the door slam shut, so they moo for treats once or twice then they are quiet. When they can see me working on the chicken coop they moo to me when I am in sight to say hello.  I was outside Friday morning feeding the chickens and the cows were mooing lots so I looked up and I couldn’t see them but they continued to moo. So I went to see if there was an issue and sure enough there was two Canadian geese sitting on the shelter roof in the next pasture. Funny how they would notice this small change in their areas and vocalize that it bothered them so.

Check in with me at The Magpie Farm next week to see how Miss.Prissy is holding up with the big girls,  and see the chickens experience the outdoor run for the first time!



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