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Last Week At The Magpie Farm: Greener Pastures & New Layers!

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What an exciting two weeks we have had at the farm!  Both of our barred rock hens have started to lay about one egg every day. They have seemed a bit bored lately and one or two eggs have gotten pecked I think because of this. So I have been very fast at building an extension onto their outdoor run. The whole two days I was setting this up they would follow me back and forth along the fence waiting to get out. This new area is 14 feet wide by 30 feet long and I’ve used portable dog kennel panels as the sides.

This week my son and I ran out to the fence to check the cows as the rain was starting. We heard a loud MEOW and right at my feet was a tiny kitten. There hasn’t been any momma cat around in months and we searched everywhere for any other kittens but found nothing. So he came into the house happily to be fed kitten milk and food and was named Sully.

The chicken tractor has come along nicely with several adaptations along the way. As it comes together there are always things that do not operate as planned and this was no exception. The wheels bowed out under the weight, they were too low and wouldn’t stay down. just to name a few of the problems that arose.

My son has claimed this chicken tractor for his baby chicks that we will incubate and raise. I have made the coop removable as well as adjustable in height. We will be hatching out our own pure Ameraucanas as well as easter eggers from the hens we already have. So the coop will need finer wire around the bottom half, the roof tarp put on and the coop dropped almost to the ground for the chicks at about 8 weeks of age.

Here is the best part of this week! Our little bantam Ameraucana Miss Prissy has started to lay eggs! She lays the most beautiful teal colored eggs and they should only get darker the more she lays. These are the eggs we will try to incubate and hatch.  The picture below shows a barred rock egg, two ameraucana eggs and an extra large store-bought egg for size comparison.


Catch up with me next week to see if we are ready to start incubating eggs!!


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