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Last Week At The Farm: New Company

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Last year in my search for a bull to borrow, I had advertised on kijiji looking for a bull to rent – but I had no price in the ad. On Sunday as a last ditch effort I threw up another ad at 8 pm, but I put a price tag of $400 with delivery to our farm. Well jeepers before 9:30 pm I had one text, one email, one phone call and one reply directly online! I ended up talking to an older farmer that lives north of us about a 1/2 hour drive and he had 2 bulls available. Both bulls were black – one full black Angus that was 4 years old and one yearling bull that is 1/2 black Angus , 1/2 South Devon. We went with the yearling bull as the farmer said he is easier to handle and is quieter. He sure is a handsome boy!


This bull has black and red genes, so with both of my cows it is most likely that the calves will be red or brown. Though we are hoping for one grey calf and a black / white faced calf. I have already marked my calendar for today as Lulubelle was in heat and the bull sure knew what to do! I will watch her in 21 days to see if she comes back into heat but I am pretty sure her due date will be March 18th next year.

Another new addition on the farm is this well used plow truck. I found it on Kijiji and my Dad and I picked it up for super cheap, but it needs lots of work. It is a 4X4 and it works well, but needs the front end worked on as there are clunks, squeaks and rattles of well worn parts. And the heater doesn’t work well, and it needs a door handle and on and on. But the good news is we have the next 3 months to fine tune this beast to get it in shape for the winter season.

Thats all for this last busy week here at The Magpie Farm!

I’ll keep you updated to see when Fiona has her date with the bull too!



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