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Kids and Ripped Jeans

I know that they both go hand in hand, but what about when you can’t get your kid OUT of his ripped jeans? For some reason my son has decided that his ripped jeans are cool, and he won’t wear anything else. I think this stems from a pair that his sister had, an artfully ripped pair of little girls jeans that she absolutely adored. Now he has it in his head that his are soooo awesome! He has 5, yep, count ’em, 5 pairs of ripped knee jeans. I was volunteering in his class today and was telling his teacher I had to pop out later to buy the kid some jeans because the rips were driving me up the wall. She laughed and told me to wait until he’s 20 and  he spends $120 on designer jeans that are pre-ripped.

So we have new jeans and I am hoping to talk him into them on our trip to the States that is coming up. Anyone else have their kid who won’t give up his ripped pants?


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