Or, the consistency and accuracy in which I deliver all my threats. Either way, every year Mike gets way, way too up high for his liking and hangs our Christmas lights up for the kids and I. This year we bought new lovely large LED ones, with a three year warranty, because to be honest I am tired of lights crapping out on me. So they are up and very purty and I am happy with them. And Mike worked extra long and hard to attach every, single one very, very well.

Because I would like to not have to get Mike up there all the time to fix them.

Because I am that person. I happily leave my Christmas lights up year round.


Now, if it was a shoddy patch of dandelions in the lawn, we might be talkin' to the shovel and a bottle of vinegar asap.  I pick my battles. Garden = beautiful,  house=can have Christmas lights all blasted year.

I only have so much time on my hands, a girls' gotta prioritize.

And he's kinda cute, so I don't want to push my luck.



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