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family photo giving gift cards

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family photo giving gift cards;

I'm getting a little verklempt looking at the pictures from last Christmas. The noise, the mess, the whole family in one room, that's what Christmas is to me. The picture above. Family chaos at it's finest.

This Christmas we are gone, so gifting is at a minimum for us. When the opportunity came to write about my love of gift cards (and then pass on my love to you through a giveaway!) I jumped right on board.

Gift cards are an intergral part of our Christmas and this Christmas even more so.

Santa brings gift cards in the kids stocking every year, mostly Chapters gift cards so they can pick out a new book. My son has graduated to the point where he really wants ITunes gift cards as well, of course.

This year we are on a Disney cruise Christmas day so we have decided that the kids will take their stockings on the cruise ship and Santa will fill them there and leave the big gifts at home. So Santa needs something very small and discreet for stockings this year and gift cards most certainly fit the bill!

siblings sitting in the floor with the stuffs they received as Christmas gifts

My Dad is the gift card king. Not that he gives them, but that we siblings almost always get together and buy him one. Last year it was a Bass Pro gift card so that he could purchase gear to come ice fishing with us. When you are like my Dad and just buy yourself what you need, when you need it, you become a very hard person to buy Christmas gifts for, other than the usual aftershave. (Don't laugh, we DO get him aftershave, but at least we buy him Eternity for Men!)

grandfather and grandson sitting in a couch

The other man in the family that is impossible to buy for. Perhaps it's genetic? Father and Son? Whatever the case may be, my brother is also king of gift cards BUT he also loves to give them to all of us.  He gives out gift cards like they are candy at Christmas, I kid you not.

daughter sitting between grandfather and her dad

If you are an avid Airmiles collector like I am, there is big Airmiles Bonus event going on for ITunes gift cards until December 12th! For all the nitty gritty details, read below:

From now until December 12th, if you buy a $50 iTunes gift card you’ll receive 50 bonus Air Miles!

The offer runs now until Dec 11 in Sobeys Atlantic

The offer runs now until Dec 12 in Metro Ontario, Safeway, KATZ (Rexall & PharmaPlus) Ontario, and Lawtons.

Here is a breakdown of the provinces:

Metro Ontario – ONTARIO only

KATZ (Rexall & PharmaPlus) Ontario – ONTARIO only

Safeway – Alberta, British Columbia , Manitoba, Saskatchewan.

Lawtons – Newfoundland, New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, PEI

Sobeys Atlantic – Newfoundland, New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, PEI

So now it's time to enter for your own gift card! Enter below to win a $50 ITunes gift card! Good luck everyone!

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“Disclosure: I am part of the Blackhawk Holiday Gift Card Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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  1. Dayloro says

    My 15 year old daughter is probably the hardest person to buy for. I started gifting her gift cards about 2 years ago 🙂

  2. James Lori Shipley says

    what an adventure you will have. thankful for all the ideas and tips you give over the yr!

  3. NurseLovesFarmer says

    My in-laws for sure. P.S. Your tweet is 1 character too long!

  4. Mary-Anne Bureyko Reid says

    Hope you guys have an exciting Christmas Cruise. I’m sure you are all already excited. Who started counting the sleeps left?

  5. rachelcartucci says

    My uncle is the hardest person to shop for EVER. He hates everything…buys nothing for himself and has no hobbies or friends.

  6. crazyladybibs says

    My husband – he usually buys everything before I can so I end up getting him the same thing every year!  Books, candy, etc.

  7. Ladb says

    Husband is the hardest to buy for because if he wants something he usually goes and buys it.

  8. AngelaMarriott says

    I find it hard to shop for my in laws


  9. makingmondays says

    I have a really hard time with my husbands family. For some reason I feel like I should impress them with my thoughtfulness, but let’s face it I don’t know them that all too well and they seem to have everything. Plus he never has any ideas. Which usually leaves a bunch of generic ideas like lotion and Hickory Farms….

  10. Bethany says

    My dad – he’s the person who has everything and whatever he doesn’t have, he buys. He got a lot of ties and pyjamas while we were growing up.

  11. Argenplath says

    My mom is the hardest person to shop for… she knows how much everything costs and tells me that I overpaid every single time, so I’ve given up and just gone straight to cash. 

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