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Happy Yule!

Happy Yule everyone! We had a nice relaxing time at our open house last night, a shame that solstice can’t always be on a weekend or an official day off.

Christina putting her “snow” on the Yule Log. Next year we are going to make real ones, and I am going to try baking one like hers. I would like to make real ones to decorate, and the kids will be old enough to participate.

These are going to be part of my Christmas presents next year for sure, this was from Mr K’s preschool teacher and I though they were so simple, yet adorable. Hot chocolate with medium sized marshmallows, thus the “snowmen” in the soup.

Looks like I need an exterminator. Dang mice got into the Yule log last night…

Crud, there’s one on my keyboard right now! Hmmm, how to get rid of it?

No problem too big as the saying goes.
Seriously though, Mr K was the “mouse” into the Yule log with his fingers and Amanda made the mice, cherry bodies dipped in chocolate, Hershey’s kiss head, almond sliver ears, then drew the face. SO adorable and really amazingly tasty!



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