Five Awesome Smoothie Ingredients To Try This Week

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I'd like to welcome back Sam Peters as a guest poster, the same Sam whose homemade granola clusters recipe was a hit here on the Kitchen Magpie. She's back with ideas for smoothies next week, try them out!

sketches of Awesome Smoothie with different colors

5 Awesome Smoothie Ingredients To Try This Week

The same strawberry-banana smoothie can get pretty boring. Making a unique and tasty smoothie or milkshake can keep your taste buds wanting more. You can also get a dose of nutrients that will fuel your workouts and busy life. Uncommon ingredients can really spice up a smoothie and make it absolutely delicious.

Here are five awesome smoothie ingredients to try this week:

Healthy Nuts

Nuts in smoothies adds protein and vitamins. Nuts contain calcium, iron and zinc. offers a variety of seeds and nuts to complete your smoothies. Pistachios are delicious in creamy smoothies. Almonds add something special to berry drinks. Macadamia nuts are gourmet and rich for a special milkshake.

Chia Seeds

These seeds are a super food that pack tons of nutrition in one tiny serving. They are uncommon, but they are quickly gaining popularity for smoothie enthusiasts. They are virtually tasteless and resemble small sesame seeds. Chia has omega-3's, iron, calcium and tons of fiber. They also have a significant amount of protein per serving. When they are mixed into smoothies, they thicken the mixture. This powerful food should be a staple in your smoothies.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are exotic and delicious. When you mix them with other berries, they provide a substantial boost in antioxidants and nutrition. Goji berries are also a complete protein. They have an unusually high amount of protein compared to other berries. Dried goji berries are available everywhere now, and they are not as expensive as they used to be.

Coconut Water

Milk used to be the go-to ingredient for smoothies, but coconut water is taking over. Adding coconut water gives your smoothie additional hydration properties and a hefty dose of potassium. It's nutritious and delicious in all smoothies. Add it to a berry-banana milkshake for something unique.

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla beans are expensive and gourmet, but they certainly add a special touch to smoothies and traditional milkshakes. A tiny amount is all you need to take a vanilla milkshake from bland to amazing.

There are tons of smoothies out there that are so delicious you wouldn't believe they are healthy. You can add raw cocoa, maca powder and other herbs too. The possibilities are endless with just a little bit of creativity. Smoothies make eating simple, and they also give you tons of nutrition for your busy life. Better ingredients make a better drink. Get out there and be creative!

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