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First Day

Well I made it through the first day of training, and let me again tell you how much I really would never want to go back full time days. UGH. I admire women who can get up in the morning, get dressed in office attire with hair and make-up done, (yah, no jeans for me, insert disgruntled face right about… get your kids out the door and to whomever is sitting them then off to the office, and all usually BEFORE 8. I barely managed to get the kids to Melissa’s for 8, to the university for 9, and that was with Melissa feeding my kids lol. All I did was get them up and dressed and teeth brushed and out the door. I wonder about those women who actually prefer going to work, rather than staying at home…they just can’t enjoy the actual chaotic mornings before they get to work…just not feasible. They must breathe a sigh of relief once they are there. This morning showed me that I literally can’t think of anything more stressful with more suckage than getting two very cute but generally very uncooperative (can you blame them? the sun wasn’t even up) kids ready with massive time constraints, racing to the sitters, then barreling through rush hour traffic with all the rest of the lunatics, trying to find parking, getting into the office on time…. Shudder. I don’t thrive on that kind of stress LOL! Its so different with two to get out the door, I can’t believe it! I did full time (this is only 9-1) training when Mr K was 15 months, and I can’t remember being this stressed out. You just get one dressed, and the other one has taken off her coat….you get the other boots on, the other one has taken off her mitts…one runs upstairs with her boots on. the other won’t get his mitts on…. and on and on and seriously, ON. WTF, do you have to chain one to the couch in order to get two fully dressed children out the damn door? ๐Ÿ™‚

But aside from my whining about what millions of moms do daily, and probably most without the whine, the job should be ok. And I say ok because like with Telus, its very overwhelming at first. But, like with Telus, I know that once you get it down, you can do it almost with your eyes closed. I just hate the process of getting there. But I remember when I started Telus thinking “eff, I will NEVER be that fast” yet you do and will and are eventually.

Tomorrow Uncle Wyatt is here, so now I need to go work on the list of what to do and not do and many, many emergency contact numbers, as well as how to change a dirty diaper, what knives my children can and can’t play with, and where Mr K hides his matches. S’all good.


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    February 12, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    I hope today goes better for you! I’m on my third shift in and I already feel much more confident!!

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    miss b
    February 12, 2008 at 5:30 am

    honestly, as they get older, getting them both ready gets much easier! morning time constraints are the worst though, well i think anyway.

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