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I’d like to welcome back Sam Peter’s again as a guest poster, her granola clusters recipe was a hit with everyone, we loved her Banana Bread Pancakes and now she’s talking about all things gifted! I especially like that she pointed out my lobster rug made a fabulous gift. Indeed, that was probably the best gift Mike has ever bought me!   ~ Magpie

Finding the Perfect Gift for your Significant Other

Finding that perfect gift for your significant other can be a challenge. You want it to be sentimental—but not too serious, super nice—but not super expensive, personal—but not cheesy. And, whether you’ve been together for a month or 25 years, the stakes are high.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when looking for the perfect gift for your significant other:


·  What is something they really want, but might not buy themselves?

·  What do I want to communicate with this gift?

·  How much can I afford to spend?

How much should you spend?

This can be a tricky question, but sometimes the best place to start is the simplest answer. Spend what you can afford. Whether you have been dating for a few weeks or married for years, don’t buy an extravagant gift you can’t afford. Even if you cannot afford an expensive gift, something with meaning can easily compensate for that.

If you are dating, remember that the amount you spend sends a big message. If you are casually dating someone, don’t drop big bucks on a gift that will send the message that you are more serious than you are. Here are some tips from eHarmony for picking out a gift if you are in a new relationship.

As a general rule, if you have only been dating a few weeks or months look for a fun gift under $25. As the length of your relationship grows, you’ll know the person better and be able to pick more personal gifts and probably you’ll purchase more expensive gifts. If you are living together or married—particularly if you have joint finances—consider agreeing on a gift budget with your partner.

For her

All things that sparkle and glitter, of course. Jewelry is a classic gift that most women like and has a wide price range.  Charm bracelets and necklaces make nice gifts if you are in a serious relationship. Consider a personalized inscription for added sentimental value. Fragrances are also a nice choice.

Practical gifts get a bad rap—the proverbial blender—but in some cases they are very much appreciated. Just consider her interests and choose carefully. For example, high-end accessories for a hobby like scrapbooking could make a great gift. Check out this lobster rug that made a great gift for one wife!

Flowers, goodies and chocolates are a very romantic gift. Remember, with these types of gifts quality is key. Get flowers so fresh they burst in the bouquet! Gourmet chocolates work too…

For him

Sporting equipment and technology—cliché, but sure to please. Men really don’t seem to mind the practical gifts. In fact, they often appreciate them more than the sentimental gifts. Get the man in your life golfing equipment, exercise equipment, tools, or home theater speakers for a sure score. The downside is that many of these gifts are usually pricy.

For a sentimental gift consider jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, an album or book. You can also buy a more practical gift and add a personal card for a sentimental touch.

Men like gadgets—portable speakers, all in one tools, flash lights, tools, car accessories, and cell phone accessories. Gadgets are a good choice because they fit into almost any budget. If you are still having a hard time finding that perfect gift for him, check out Amazon’s best seller and suggested gift lists for ideas.

Something to brag about

Remember, a gift has sentimental value, but chances are your significant other will also want to show it off to their co-workers and friends. Even if you can’t afford something expensive, buy something with obvious meaning. Give your significant other something to brag about!



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