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Fiesta Eggs

Just a quickie recipe or idea, more so. These eggs are our favorite breakfast, one of the few ways I can get my son to eat eggs, in fact.

The kid is meant to be vegan, I swear to all that’s holy. We have moved past vegetarian and into vegan territory. He prefers rice milk and soy products, no meat (unless its highly processed and salt laden) and eats legumes like nobody’s business.

I am just going to put this out there: I am not ready for one member of my family to be vegan.

Not until he can cook his own dang food. Then he can do whatever he wants. I can’t take any more picky food preferences in this family, I just can’t. I will snap.

We also have to come up with fancy schmancy names, like “fiesta eggs”.

Yelling  “hey, you, come eat eggs and salsa” just doesn’t work as well as “kids! Time to have Fiesta Eggs!”

It’s all about the marketing, moms and dads, you have to schill those eggs like ice cubes in the North Pole.

So enough with feeling sorry for myself – but hey, you coulda just skipped past all that- and on to my favorite breakfast.

Scramble eggs. I assume we all know how to do that?

Take extra super chunky awesome salsa and put it on top.

Shred cheddar cheese and put it on top.


Yup. I sure didn’t claim this was rocket science.

However, it’s fast, healthy, easy and I ate it this morning. Since the light was so nice in my kitchen – hurray spring is coming!- I decided to take a picture and share.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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