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DK Container Contest 2010

I review a lot of DK books on my other website, The Super Mom, and came across this contest that should interest a lot of readers of this site.

The contest can be found here.

Here at DK, we love to be inspired by our readers. So go on and get creative in your garden this summer! Make a plant container out of recycled material. It can be anything you can think of – an old boot, a wheelbarrow, a vintage suitcase … let your imagination run wild!


Take a photo of your creation and send it in to us at [email protected] (jpgs only, no larger than 5 mb). Please include the headline Container Contest 2010 in your email. One lucky entrant will win a DK Canadian Gardening Collection.

Deadline for submissions is July 15th, 2010.

My containers are definitely not contest worthy, but someone else out there might have amazing ones! The DK books are great so it’s worth your time to enter the contest!


Good luck!


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