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Children’s Book Review: Total Sports

Boy or girl, this book is for the sports fans!  It’s literally bursting with everything you always wanted or needed to know about the world of sports. Often an overlooked area, it’s amazing to think of how sports have existed for so long, how they have shaped human nature and are intertwined into our daily lives to such a depth that we rarely even notice it.

This is sure to delight sports loving kids and adults alike, the buffs will love learning all the facts about equipment, rules and clothing while we all must admit we will snicker over the weird facts and bizarre moments that have happened in the world of sports. Those are some of the best moments to be found!

This should definitely be on the bookshelf  of any little person who has an avid interest in sports.

Age: 7– 14 years


Pages: 144 pages

Publisher: DK Publishing

Publisher’s Description:

From the best known to the most obscure, and covering all 33 of the Olympic sports beginning with the early Greek games and going to present day, this is the ultimate guide to the world’s many sports.

Dynamic photography brings the subject to life, and works together with clear explanations and artwork to describe fields of play, equipment and clothing, teams and players, rules and tactics, key techniques and common terms, while outlining the geographical range, history, and major competitions for each sport. Fact boxes highlight key information including star profiles, record breakers, and top tens, as well as the weirdest facts, most bizarre moments, and sports’ most colorful characters.

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