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Children's Book Review: The Butterfly's Treasure

The journey of an old monarch butterfly around the world is chronicled in amazing, beautiful illustrations that would better be described as works of art. The monarch comes back with tales of the world’s treasures, baby harp seals rolling on the ice, and lion cubs who playfully swatted at him, barely escaping their heavy little paws. Monarch was fortunate enough to see brown bears, and elephants and other amazing animals, so now he wants to impart his knowledge of treasures to the young caterpillar before him, the next generation of butterflies, so that he too, can travel the world and appreciate the treasures to be found.

This story teaches children about the amazing treasures that surround us on Earth,encourages them to appreciate the beauty of the animals on this planet and perhaps even introduces them to animals they did not yet know existed, such as the snow leopard. Each turn of the page reveals another amazing landscape, from Africa’s Savannah to the cold of the Arctic, with their respective animals on each page.

With a beautiful message about our planet and even more touching paintings of the animal world around us, the book itself is sure to become treasured by you and your children.

Reading level: ages 4-8


Page Count: 32 pages

Publisher: SchimmelSmith Publishing

What to expect:beautiful illustrations, a story of wonderment about the natural world,

Publisher’s synopsis: A wise, old monarch butterfly returns home after his year-long journey around the world. On hi travels, he discovers treasure, and now wants to share his discovery with a young caterpillar. What is the butterfly’s treasure and and will the young caterpillar know how to find it?

About the Author: Schim Schimmel is the artist/author for three other books renowned their artistry and earth friendly message: Dear Children of the Earth — A Letter From Home, Children of the Earth…Remember, and The Family of the Earth. You can visit his website at to view his amazing works.


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