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Children's Book Review: Scarecrow Finds a Friend

This book is a perfect book to read on a crisp fall day. Scarecrow is resting in November after a long, hard-working summer spent protecting the crops from pesky birds.  The smell of something sweet and spicy is wafting across the fall air, smells of apple and pumpkin being baked. Content and sleepy, Scarecrow dozes off into a deep sleep, and has a dream about his adventure at Halloween, with Tally, the witch.

The tale is one of friendship and helping others,  one that is heartwarming and perfect for the fall season with primary colors of oranges, browns and greens being used in the beautiful illustrations,  lending that tranquil air of autumn to the story.  Leaves are swirling about in every picture, branches are bare, the ground is brown, but the characters have enough life in them that you don’t need the background to be dramatic. The watercolors are done by Carl W. Wenzel and are the perfect accompaniment to the story.

We thoroughly enjoyed the story, and my children are eager to get a scarecrow of their own to stuff, just like the kids who take care of Scarecrow in the story. Good thing we have a Pumpkin Festival coming up!

Reading level: Ages 4-8


Page Count: 32 pages

Publisher: Whirlpool Press (August 1, 2008)

What to expect: a tale of friendship, the message of helping others, beautiful illustration, a fall/autumn/harvest theme, nothing scary or too sad for younger kids

Publisher’s synopsis: This heartening tale involves Tally, a good witch, who is losing her power to fly. She befriends a Scarecrow and he comes up with a plan to save her flying power. Together they are able to get back Tally’s flying power, express their gratitude to each other, and give young readers a few surprises along the way. The story illustrates to children how comforting and rewarding a good friendship can be as well as how much fun it is to solve a problem with the help of someone who cares about them.

About the Author: Blume J. Rifken

Our Rating:[rating=5] 4.5/5


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