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Children's Book Review: Numbers

Another book in the innovative Flaptastic series by publisher Dorling Kindersley, Numbers is an early and fun introduction for young readers. The book concentrates on the numbers 1 through 5, and each page, since they are Flaptastic, opens up in various ways to show the number and more objects to count.

The flaps are the same excellent quality shown in the other books in the Flaptastic series, as well as the same unique feature of the flaps opening in different directions each time.

This early reader book is meant to not only be read to your child, but to actively engage the parent and child together in counting activities. Each number has at least 4 other sets of objects to count, meaning that the repetition of each counting set with new, brightly colored objects each time helps your child learn their numbers in a fun, new way, so it doesn’t feel like learning by rote.

Reading level: 3-5 years


Page Count: 12 pages

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing

What to expect: strong, sturdy flaps, bold and beautiful photographs of everyday objects you can count with your child,

Publisher’s synopsis: Flaptastic Numbers teaches kids about numbers and counting with a series of vivid, countable images-from bouncing balls to colorful crayons.

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