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Children’s Book Review: Dinosaurs A Visual Encyclopedia

DK Publishing excels at making visually stunning books paired with amazing facts and information. Dinosaur A Visual Encyclopedia is exactly that, a treasure trove of the most fascinating dinosaur information out there. No matter how old you are, we are all still fascinated by those giants that once roamed our Earth. So much mystery still surrounds these almost mythical beasts that it’s no wonder that 60 year olds are still as intrigued with dinosaurs as they were when they were 6.

This book delivers what it promises: a visual encyclopedia. There is still information galore, but the pictures inside are the stars. Pages upon pages of pictures allow younger children to skim through it, asking questions about what interests them.

I came home one night to find my mom and dad on the couch with my kids and this book and they had been there a long, long time!  Once you start, kids will want to go through all….300…pages and have you explain everything to them. I am sure my parents now know much more than they did before about dinos!

Age: 7-12 year

Pages: 304 pages

Publisher: DK Publishing

Publisher’s Description:

This latest edition in a range of super successful DK encyclopedias for children features hundreds of photographs and computer generated images bringing extinct animals back to life in this visual celebration of early life on Earth. Authoritative yet accessible, the book includes fact boxes, timelines, maps, and diagrams that explore the beginnings of life on Earth, investigates early eras and life forms, and examines the world of the dinosaurs…their homes, food, young, and family lives.

With content that is completely up to date and includes the latest discoveries and interpretations of prehistoric life, this is a comprehensive exploration of dinosaurs during their 180 million plus years of existence.

For more information on this book and others, you can visit DK Books at, and click the flag to choose your country.


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