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Children's Book Review: Astronaut Training, The Adventures of Curtis, Connie & Cosmic Cat

With a bent tail, torn ear and an eye that doesn’t seem to quite look the right way, this fairly homely stray cat nevertheless find himself a home with two imaginative young children. Dubbed “Cosmic Cat”, he now has to go through rigorous Astronaut Training, which include a weightless test (being tossed into the water) and flying on a kite. They use whatever happens to be at hand and their imaginations to aid Cosmic Cat in his Astronaut Training. All in all, there are thirteen different training regiments for Cosmic Cat to undertake!

This book was a really enjoyable read, with one caveat; I really had to explain why we wouldn’t attempt these things in real life with a cat. When I receive books that are geared towards older children’ reading levels, I usually read them out loud to my kids.  At almost 4, my daughter is the type of kid who would actually go out and try these things with our cat. And it wouldn’t be with the intent of being mean, she would just think that the ideas were awesome and would want to try it.

That said, what a funny, entertaining book this was for my kids and I to read at bedtime! My son and daughter laughed gleefully at the silly adventures, especially at the illustration of the cat in a parachute, and completely loved the adventures that the kids and their cat get up to while on summer vacation. This is the beginning of a series, with the next book being A Visit To the Farm, and we look forward to reading about the rest of Cosmis Cat’s Adventures.

Reading level: ages 10 to 12


Page Count: 146 pages

Publisher: R-AN-K Enterprises

What to expect: cute illustrations, a summertime tale of adventures with a newly found pet, crazy experiments like putting a cat up on a kite,

Publisher’s synopsis: The story, “Astronaut Training, The Adventures of Curtis, Connie and Cosmic Cat,” starts with Curtis and Connie sitting in their favorite tree watching the long road leading up to their house. He has just finished the second grade and she the first. They live in the country near a small town and are used to exploring and being somewhat on their own. They get an astronaut training manual from Mom when they go to a garage sale. They use the manual to train a stray cat, which Curtis names Cosmic Cat, to be an astronaut.

About the Author: Ronald C. Thompson is on his third book in the Cosmic Cat series, and you can visit his blog here for more information.


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