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Children's Book Review: Animals Up Close

I am just going to start this review out with a loud scream and a shudder that started at the base of my neck and vibrated down to the tippity tip of my tailbone. When I looked through this book and came across the locust page,  I wanted to curl up into a fetal position and rock back and forth on the floor. After I screamed and shuddered of course.

So now, let’s review the actual book. Skipping the locust page which rendered me paralyzed with fear. I have grasshopper issues, ok?

Are you braver than I am and would love to see baby scorpions clinging to their mother’s back in extreme close-up detail on a fact filled page? Or would you rather look at the Mongolian Gerbil in a photo so large and so crisp that you swear you can see its whisker’s quivering? This book has both, and a lot more rich, gorgeous photos of animals, insects and birds in and out of their natural habitats. Some of the photographs will have your jaw dropping and you wondering “how on earth did he photograph that?”. Or, in my case, “how could the photographer stand to be that close to that creepy, crawly insect?” or “Wasn’t he scared that the locust was going to jump on him and be all terrifying and faint-worthy?”

Igor Siwanowicz is, in my humble opinion, a master of macro photography and digital editing techniques,  and it is readily apparent in the amazing photos of animal and insect life presented by him in this book.  This would be an excellent gift for adults who love coffee table material, besides the obvious fact that this would be a fantastic book for kids, not only for the knowledge in it but the beauty of the photography.


Reading level: 8 – 17 years

Page Count: 92 pages

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

What to expect: glorious, extremely close-up

Publisher’s synopsis: This visually stunning natural history book brings the animal kingdom closer than you’ve ever seen it before!

Dramatically close-up images of animals from insects to reptiles to mammals to birds reveal spectacular patterns and shapes. The colors, textures, and structures of all parts of an animal are presented in breathtaking photographs, challenging the reader’s understanding of animals and their habitats.

About the Author: The photos were shot by Igor Siwanowicz

For more information on this book and others, you can visit DK Books at, and click the flag to choose your country.


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