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Cemetery Tour : Edmonton Cemetery

Last night I went on my very first cemetery tour at Edmonton’s oldest graveyard, Edmonton Cemetery. I now wish that I had been able to go to the other two sites, this was an incredibly enjoyable experience, it thrills you a little bit in a ghoulish way, yet is fascinating as well. The tour guide we had was excellent; she was a veritable wealth of information about Edmonton’s history, and not only the history concerning the graveyard. She told entertaining stories about some of the founding pioneers of Edmonton, amusing tidbits and I just still am in awe at what she knew. Obviously the history of Edmonton is a passion of her, she has been doing the graveyard tour for 16 years, and you could tell she enjoyed every minute of taking us around.

You can find out more information about the guided walking tours  here, while there are also walking tour sheets available for print out here. Look for the PDF files in the top right corner. If anyone else (Cori) is interested in just going with one of those info sheets and me, let me know! I really enjoyed the guided tour, but its not the greatest for taking pictures, I felt rushed and missed somethings that she had said, due to wanting to get a picture of certain things. It would be nice to go and wander with my camera and take my time.

But oh, that evening light was beautiful!


I would like to add that I also still have the smell of the mausoleum in my nose. That perfumed-to-cover-death odour is one of a kind I tell you. It really sticks in your nose, and you never forget the smell. Anyone who has been to a funeral knows what I am talking about. Incensey sweet weird smell.

But that’s ok, because the mausoleum was pretty amazing as well. Emily Murphy – famous womens rights activists, feminist, you-have-all-seen-the-commercial–  is interred there:

This just whetted my appetite, and started me thinking how next year when we travel, I would love to see the cemeteries in San Francisco and area, there must be some amazing people and gravestones in some of those cities.


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    Love the new blog! Mike did a great job!

    Oh and the cemetary looks so cool, might be something fun to check out!

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