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Bruschetta Chicken Simmer

Bruschetta Chicken Simmer From @kitchenmagpie

There’s nothing better than a fast and delicious dinner! I’ve partnered with Campbell’s to bring you two delicious recipes to try this spring and the first one is a Bruschetta Chicken Simmer.

I was honestly not quite sure about this recipe at first for the kids, but I should have known better. They loved it! While the Rose didn’t like the basil on at the end ( how can she be my kid??) she liked the chicken, sauce and the tomatoes!

Bruschetta Chicken Simmer From @kitchenmagpie

The boy? Well, he eats almost anything nowadays, being a growing teenager. Nothing is safe from him in this house if it’s food! That boy is growing so fast it’s crazy, and this is the kind of meal that helps me stay sane while trying to feed him the ten times a day that it seems he is hungry!

To read the full recipe for the bruschetta chicken simmer and get step by step instructions to print out, head on over HERE to the Campbell’s website.

Make sure to check out the recipe and pin it for later!

This is the perfect meal for when you are in a hurry during the week, fast, fresh and delicious!
 Bruschetta chicken simmer - the perfect fast and fresh meal for those busy weekday dinners!


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