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Boxing Day Blues

Argh. I was complaining to Mike this past weekend that by the time Boxing Day rolls around, there’ isn’t going to be anything worth shopping for. I have been scoping out stores trying to find my Christmas moose (yes, my obsession, I *try* to buy a new one yearly) and there is NOTHING out there. Walmart is almost stripped bare, there are no outside decorations left, perhaps one row of tree decorations and that’s it. Superstore I walked into today, and EVERYTHING is 50% off! Since when does everything go on sale a WEEK before Christmas? And we aren’t talking the usual Zellers 30% before Christmas that they have done for years, these be Boxing Day prices!

BAH Humbug. Ok, I was really glad to buy the train decoration that Mr K has wanted for 2 years now, the one that has the steam and wheels moving by way of flashing lights, I picked it up for 25 bucks today at Superstore, and he was SO excited. This train is on the roof of a house on Candy Cane Lane, and he has loved it since he saw it two years ago, man, maybe even 3 years now, and then we just saw it again on our lights tour. I’ll give you one guess where he wanted to put it! (wanted being the key word, its in the house actually, it won’t make it outside, never mind the roof this year!)

I digressed, I really did. Whoops. I was ranting. But seriously, I used to look forward to going and getting my decorations every year on Boxing Day. The year we were building this house, I went to Zellers, picked up a tree, ALL the decorations I now have on it (or did since the Princess has smashed so many), my two large moose , and I am sure more, I went a little nuts knowing we were moving in here. That was only 4 Boxing Days ago, and now I can’t even find anything a week before. Sigh.

I know its all about the Almighty dollar, they just get in enough stock to make a killing in November and then there’s nothing else brought in. But I am just not into electronics and crap on Boxing day, the point is to go and pick over the Christmas remnants (which used to be vast and plenty) and get some good deals.


Blah. I usually love Boxing Day, and look forward to it every year, but I don’t know what this year will be like. I will be shopping anyways, but..sigh. I feel grinchy for the first time this year.

SO! Nothing like some good ol’ un-edited Christmas Vacation to cheer me up!


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