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Attack of The Killer Pumpkins

My kitchen has been overtaken by pumpkins, zucchini and cucumber vines. My pumpkins are blooming, everything else is starting to get those wee little creepy spidery vines that want to affix themselves to anything and start spreading. Every time we walk by them, we’re grabbed. Alright, I exaggerate (but not much!)  but it IS starting to feel like Little Shop of Horrors. I can’t believe that its May 22 and just and only now, I am able top get my plants outside, I have to.  We leave on Tuesday afternoon to drive to Calgary, then Wednesday we are off to the States! I am so excited and so overwhelmed at the idea of a 3 day road trip with the kids.

My to-do list is giving me chest pains, most of it has to do with getting the darn plants out of my kitchen and into the ground, and the weather has NOT cooperated in the slightest. I also have to wait until Monday night for my no till gardening class, to learn the technique I want to use to put in said vines that are overtaking my kitchen. I am going to start preparing the site by killing off the grass with the lasagna method (layers of newspapers and organic material) but I can’t go much past the newspapers since I will be learning about the other layers Monday night. Then I guess Tuesday right before I leave, I have to get my garden in. What the hell am I thinking? Could I pressure myself more? LOL I don’t think so. Nothing like absolute, last minute timing!



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