I have gone on before about my love for the new Acacia wood line at your nearest Superstore, how affordable yet sturdy it is, how it's made in India for those of you trying to avoid the Made In China label, and how I am buying up all the pieces I possibly can because I love it in my kitchen. I wanted to show two examples of how you can use them past the basic cutting board and baguette holder. Yes, the top pictured wooden item is for holding bread. I turned in into a vegetable trough.  Which is the complete and utter country girl in me; I filled it with fruit and veggies and put it out for the kids to snack on during the day and thought “huh. Looks like a trough for my kids.” And shrugged and set it out anyways. My two little piggies emptied it by noon.

Using your cutting boards for simple presentation works wonders for entertaining yourself, but kids generally think that anything out of the normal eating at the table with a plate is amazing fun. I threw some veggies, hummus and flat breads  onto a cutting board and let them eat on stools at the island in the kitchen.


And look at the carnage that ensued. I love it. Vegetable carnage+kids= the win.


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  1. Hmmm I don’t know if you guys have anything equivalent to Superstore in the States…they are owned by Loblaws…I think they are uniquely Canadian, I don’t think Loblaws has big grocery chains in the States. However, Walmart DOES have an acacia wood line, I have been eying a beautiful chunky wood fruit bowl there, and the stain is a beautiful dark color. I assume they have cutting boards as well…

  2. found you from tPF – is the “superstore” you mention in your post Wal-Mart? I never go in there, but I might just to check these out! 🙂

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