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Adult Book Review: A Greener Christmas

This book has my name written all over it, and I was giddy with excitement when I picked it up and it finally had its turn at being reviewed.  I didn’t know where to start, really, because the book is absolutely teeming with wonderful crafts, home-style baking and Christmas decorating ideas galore.

Starting at the beginning is usually a good idea, and so we shall. The first part of the book covers natural decorations and crafts, using objects from nature such as leaves to make a wreath, as well as the idea of a winter garden.Then we move on the the focal point of decorating for most people at Christmas: the Christmas tree. The emphasis is on making your own decorations, of course, and most of them are very homespun and crafty in appearance. The best part of the decorating is that there is a template section of the book, where they are all done to 100% scale, you simply trace over them and make your own to use in creating your decoration. No more blowing them up on your own, or printing them out, they are provided for you.

Then of course, what is Christmas without food of all types and tastes. But not only are there recipes for very traditional dishes like Christmas pudding, this section also incorporates the decorations that are on your Christmas table and around it as well.

I love that it embraces giving homemade gifts such as herbal teas and mulled wine sachets, I might have to include the aforementioned with my wine and baking gifts this year. Have I mentioned I am unapologetic and being selfish and keeping this book for myself? You cannot possibly pry it out of my hands.


Reading level: teen to adult readers

Page Count: 352 pages

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing

What to expect: beautiful pictures, great information on how to have a greener Christmas in your household,

Publisher’s synopsis: The only guide to celebrating a greener Christmas shows you how to make your home merry, bright, and eco-friendly! Part craft, gardening, and cookbook, part home décor and entertaining guide, A Greener Christmas lets the whole family get in on projects that are simple, seasonal, and of-the-moment. Welcome guests with candlelit lanterns, hand-stitched stockings, and cozy homemade wreaths. Trim your homegrown tree with shiny recycled tinsel, spicy dried citrus fruits, and wood-scented pinecones. Give heartfelt, environmentally-friendly gifts like homemade herbal teas and mulled wine sachets, all wrapped up in gorgeous, reusable packaging. And set a mouthwatering holiday spread, with the freshest breads, cheeses, meats, and produce, all sourced from local farms. Edited by food and lifestyle maven Sheherazade Goldsmith, this book will help you plan the most beautiful, most festive, and most responsible Christmas yet.

About the Author: Sheherazade Goldsmith led the life of a typical London girl until she married and had children. Concerned by the poor quality of food, she started up an organic delicatessen that soon specialized in wholesome home-cooked food for babies and young children. She also wrote a column for the Sunday Times Style magazine focusing on the importance of local and organic food. Sheherazade divides her time between a home in London and a small but busy organic farm in Devon.

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