Why You Should Always Comment on Recipe Posts


Well if the title of this post ain’t fishing for comments, I’ll eat my hat. With a side of cupcake.

These are the types of things I think of at 5:55 in the morning. Why I am up at 5:55 in the morning on the Sunday of our glorious May Long Weekend here in Canada, I don’t know. I’m going to hazard a guess that it has to do with the fact that I was so physically tired last night from a full day of yard work that I simply didn’t wake once last night and had a fabulous straight 7.5 hours sleep.

I started thinking of writing something today then my mind progressed to my Philly Chocolate Cream Cheese Breakfast Buns and how a friend had commented on Twitter that her family loved them and indeed, had eaten the whole batch at one sitting.

These are the things I love to hear.

These are also the things that other readers of The Kitchen Magpie site love, need, want and are looking to hear.

So I thought to myself, Self, you should write a post about the value of comments on recipes.

I’d like to point out this entire thought process happened while lying in bed, trying desperately to fall back asleep because it’s simply just wrong to be up before 6 am on a long weekend, dang it.

So because this thought had me up with the birds this morning and because I think it’s valuable information for all readers of food blogs to know, here goes!

***I have pulled REAL comments from my Best Buttercream Icing Ever recipe to show you how interesting they are and what value they add!***

  • I -and others- like to read comments.

We all simply like to read what other people have written. When I have a spare moment and am visiting another fellow food bloggers website, I love to read the comments about the recipes. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I read a recipe on a blog and didn’t scroll down to the comments.

We all look to see if anyone had success with the recipe, we also look to see if anyone did a version of our recipe and has something interesting to add! There are tons of variations of my Best Buttercream Icing recipe listed in the comments, with people sharing everything from whiskey to lemon flavor! It makes it so much more interesting for everyone.

I can’t speak for other food bloggers, but I love to hear what other bakers have concocted using my recipes as a base and it’s even better when you share via commenting on the original recipe.

  • I publish ALL comments, even the negatives ones.

As long as you aren’t dropping the F sharp throughout your comment, I’ll publish it. I know that some blogs have been called out for only publishing positive comments to but not this one. I’ll publish any comments that don’t have swear words or are attacking in nature. Did I make a mistake? I’ll publish it. Recipe didn’t work out? I will absolutely publish it. I find that when I post the comments that outline how my recipe didn’t work out, that other commenters will jump right in with help and support. Suggestions will fly all over and the end result will hopefully be that the person who commented will have a better look into why the recipe didn’t work out for them.

All comments, even negative ones, have value.

  • You help to nudge uncertain bakers/cooks into trying something they never have before.

When you write a positive comment that a recipe has worked out and you found it delicious, you are sending positivity out there that may be just the nudge an uncertain baker/cook needs. I can’t count the number of comments on this site or emails that I have received that reflect the sentiment of  “I wasn’t sure I was going to try this recipe, but then I saw all the comments! I am so glad that I did!”

Not everyone is a baker and not everyone likes to cook. The different skill levels of the readers of The Kitchen Magpie are diverse, from beginner to expert.

When you write a negative comment about how a recipe did not work out, we are all here to help you. Recipes are fickle creatures, cookies will work out in my elevation and simply not rise in others. Commenting is a way to take part in a community to help others with their trials and questions.

  •  You don’t have to have actually tried the recipe to comment on it.

There is value to be found in other comments as well. Of course, positive comments on the photos, ingenuity of a recipe or how delicious something sounds are always appreciated, but we as food bloggers also appreciate questions about the recipes, questions that might clarify something in your mind. For example, my Best Buttercream Icing recipe is the most commented on post on this site. One of the more popular questions is “What is coffee cream?” Ask away!  The comments can be used to ask questions as well and other readers love to help answer you!


  • All of your comments have value.

This is of course, excluding the F sharp comments that happen about three times a year. Those comments may have value in the fact that I laugh when I read them in my dashboard. Who on earth would think that I am going to actually publish their comments with that kind of language?

The rest of your comments have value beyond gold. All of the comments open up dialogue between my readers and there is nothing I love to see more than people engaging on my site.

When you talk and comment to each other, it warms the cockles of my heart. On my Mother’s Day recipes  post, the following exchange between two of my readers was as follows:

Pamela wroteas I am alone tomorrow, husband on days and daughter, who ..is in city and working nights…..sigh grilled cheese sandwiches for me…

 Nora respondedPamela i don’t know you but i’ve had some “alone” M’Day too… here’s a hug from me to you and GRILLED CHEESE rocks !!!!

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. I have the best readers. In a world that sees swarms of negative blog posts/rants written just in the hopes to “go viral” the fact that commenters like Nora above bring positivity onto the internet and onto my site is valuable beyond measure.

I love you guys and not just because I was up before 6 am and a little bit punchy.

  • So have we established it’s not just for me, but all the readers of The Kitchen Magpie? The readers of all food sites?

Oh my friends, I do love comments. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear from you. I love hearing how much you loved a recipe, how delicious something looked because let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work and a labour of love. So when you comment on my recipes, it helps me hang in there for another week ;)

I know that leaving a comment can take a long time and can be frustrating sometimes. I’ve tried to streamline my system as much as possible so that it’s easier to comment here on the Kitchen Magpie. I still have to have measures in place to stop spam comments that would devalue the comments of you, my readers.

So even if it takes a while and you have to fill in a few areas, share your thoughts. Not just here but on other food blogs as well, for all the reasons above.

Comment for each other.

Comment to help others gain the confidence to try the recipe.

Comment to help everyone who might be trying the recipe.

Comment to help spread positivity in an increasingly negative internet.

Perhaps as readers you’re not told enough the value of your comments, so here’s me rectifying this situation.

Your comments are as valuable as the content on the site.

Happy Sunday everyone!


The Really? 5:55 am? Magpie


i like your site because your all recipes are very delicious.can you tell me chocolate cupcake recipe i just love cupcake.can you give me the recipe


Now I feel like I have to comment.

I comment if I think the recipe looks amazing and am just compelled to comment, or I comment if I make the recipe and like it or don't. If I make it I comment with my experience with it. I've made some recipes from your site and hopefully they benefit someone.

thekitchenmagpie moderator

@nicolthepickle1 Ha I guilt tripped you! ;) Comments are SO valuable to everyone on here and not just me. It helps everyone decide whether's a recipe will be dinner tonight or if they should skip it, and so many other things!


Karlynn -- I agree that you have made a lot of sense here!  So, I will comment as well.

I do not remember precisely how I ended up on your butter-cream icing page a few days ago, where I made a comment.  Certainly it was not because I was looking for such a recipe; as mentioned, I already use that particular method myself.  I was, however, looking for something or other in the way of icing, and somehow found your page.

What I do remember is this: whatever it was that I was reading I immediately commented, out loud, "this person who is writing is Canadian" and it was not because of anything in particular such as your information that I later found confirming this point.

I have repeatedly returned since because I have enjoyed the comments on the many recipes at which I have now looked and have saved to my newly created "book" on your web page.  I will be back for more, and the comments are as much an attraction as the suggestions and ideas.

Nice work!  It is a model to follow for others . . .

thekitchenmagpie moderator

@RedMtl Aw thanks for this! I missed this comment somehow (OH THE IRONY!) I am so glad that I came across as Canadian it's so important to me!


Can't find icing sugar, help! What is it exactly? Thanks

Karlynn Johnston
Karlynn Johnston

Without comments, it also can feel like you are talking to yourself ;)

Rebecca Richmond
Rebecca Richmond

Thank you so much for this post. I don't think that non-bloggers understand to what extent comments feed us bloggers. We spend so much time, love and energy on our sites, and we use comments as a guidepost to what we are doing right and wrong. I also agree that it is important to post the negative and positive comments. When you see that there are negative and positive comments, I think that it encourages discussion and let people know that their opinions are important.

Ginny McMeans
Ginny McMeans

I often leave comments on recipes and want to give support.  Often I say I want to try the recipe because I really do but because I am creating recipes for my blog I don't seem to have the time.  If someone leaves a comment for me I always answer them and/or thank them.

Charmian The Messy Baker
Charmian The Messy Baker

Yes. Yes! YES!! I couldn't agree more! Comments can be helpful, insightful, lead to deeper questions, and build community. Plus, I like knowing people actually read the post I took so long to create :-)

If it makes you feel any better, I was awake horrifically early this long weekend, too. I think it's the early morning sunlight. And the birds. Oh, the birds. I love 'em, but do they have to nest so close to my bedroom? Apparently, yes. 


Totally agree!!!  I love all the comments I get.  And I want to hear the comments about when things don't go well b/c I'm always worried about if I made a typo.  Comments that let me know that a recipe worked and someone really enjoyed it makes my day!  Thanks for writing this...


Well, although this is not a recipe post, I will comment. I am very pleased to know a local blogger who is a well-spoken advocate for all things food, education, and family. And I have not tried a recipe YET (mostly because I'm not a chocolate fan - GASP! Unless it's in bar form, I can't eat it. But bring on the Caramilk... Also I'm a vegetarian :) But I love your tweets and your humorous honesty :) Keep on bloggin, baby!


Couldn't have been said better. We all live for comments. They are just that important. There cannot be a conversation about food, relationships will not develop and learning will not occur with out comments. Seeing stats is not gratifying. I want my readers to feel inspired to read a comment, and when they do not, somehow, I feel as I have failed. I work to write every post and the comment is my reward. Granted, I do not deserve copious "awards" (comments) for writing a post, but i appreciate each one more than any reader would know. We understand. We who have websites, yet sometimes we are the worst at commenting. It is something I do on a regular basis as it is just that important to me - and to my readers.



The Kitchen Magpie
The Kitchen Magpie

Thanks for reminding me it's world cake day! I'm so baking nothing, we have a basement to fill!

Pamela Marriott
Pamela Marriott

okay I read the article and it was a good read. especially since you used my comment......lol... but honestly I can't get past the picture, the thought that I need to try that buttercream recipe and that it is WORLD CAKE DAY!!!!! will I have time to honour cake day? well maybe after cleaning the trailer for camping next week ( we never camp on the long weekend, even though we bush camp) finish cleaning the gardens and of course enjoy wine o clock in the greenhouse. HAPPY WORLD CAKE DAY EVERYONE.