It’s been a long six months, but the redesign of The Kitchen Magpie is now live!

You can see that the basic layout has stayed the same,  but I wanted to blow the lid off this site graphically. I wanted a design that was new and eye-catching, not to mention a look that was unique to me.

I wanted clean, fresh and a big bang visually as soon as you hit the site.

After running a website for a few years I knew there were a few things I needed to make sure were incorporated into the new design.

  • A huge visual recipe index. We all love pictures of food and I wanted to give everyone the chance to be able to scroll through all my recipes on a big page of photos.
  • Highlighting the fact that I am Canadian. I’m tired of everyone thinking that I must live in the United States since I make my living running this website. I wanted this site to shout (well, whisper politely, I AM Canadian after all)  to the rooftops that yes indeed, I am a Canadian blogger! Can you find the little clues that give that away?
  • A little shout out to my city, Edmonton. Can you find it on the website?
  • The opportunity to have guest bloggers and posts that will feature their avatar and not my own. Stay tuned for those guest bloggers!
  • A header that can be changed with the month. This was the most important part, I wanted fresh pictures monthly but a header that was easy to change since I swear I am graphically challenged. See the Halloween pics? Those will be Christmas pictures soon!
  • Bigger pictures! My post pictures are bigger than before.
  • Better recipe printing. This is in the works and will be up ASAP!

Now, with a site redesign comes little growing pains and the site is certainly not finished. The sidebars will have additional content that is coming, but that all takes a little time.

I’d like to take this chance to ask YOU, my readers, what you would like to see on this site?

What are some things that drive you nuts about food blogs that you would like changed?

Is there anything that could be better?

What works?

What are the most important things that you look for on a website?

Since we are still technically in the middle of a revamp, I would love for everyone to weigh in on what you’d like to see. You are the most important part of this website, without you I am basically talking to myself!

Please tell me I’m not just talking to myself…..

So weigh in people! Tell me what you’d like to see on here. Lay it on me. I make no promises but I am always so interested to hear from you all!


The Totally Excited Beyond Words That My Site is Up Magpie