This Made My Day

I was visiting Parentdish, which has sorely lacked in the writing department lately, which I have bemoaned to no end, only to find an absolute gem of a blogpost mentioned by one of the writers, concerning the book “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding”.

Publisher’s description of the book:

Bobby and Jamie are getting married, but Bobby’s niece Chloe is worried that she won’t be his favorite person anymore. Will Uncle Bobby still think she is special?

Sarah Brannen’s warm story is set in an alternative family as Uncle Bobby marries his boyfriend. Uncle Bobby’s Wedding embraces Bobby’s relationship with Jamie, but keeps its focus where it truly belongs: on an uncle and niece’s love for each other.

(are we surprised??) A patron of the library complained about the story, due to the fact that Uncle Bobby the guinea pig, is getting married to another boy guinea pig. This writers response was so incredible I thought I would post a link here, because it not only applies to this book, but the countless others that people think should be banned.

Have a good read, its incredibly insightful and well reasoned.

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding