The Great Grey Owl

Great Grey OwlNot a large post tonight, just a picture to share. This picture has me feeling so many different things on so many different levels.

The sour gas warning signs. (Oh, could it be more stereotype Alberta oil country, or what?) Makes me cringe to even post something SO stereotypical.

The gorgeous owl himself, what a delight it was to see him so close by! He just gazed at us while I snapped pictures.

The sad incongruity of this beautiful creature sitting on a multitude of gas warning signs.

Meaning? Profound? Just a Great Grey OwlΒ on a sign?

You be the judge.




That is a great photo. I'd send it to National Geographic. It's not stellar in depth of field and whatnot (I mean, not like professionals) but the composition is excellent. I think it says a lot about us imposing on nature.

Rambling Tart
Rambling Tart

It is sad to see those signs, but it also makes me happy to know that in spite of them, this chap is thriving. :-)

thekitchenmagpie moderator

@Rambling TartΒ We see them all the time where we fish... this was the closest every though! So beautiful.