Chocolate Turtle Bark

Sweet, salty and chewy chocolate bark. My favorite things all wrapped up in one amazing chocolate package.

Last of the Garden

That's it, that's all, this gardening girl done for the season folks. Just about time to retire the garden category and start posting more house things. Like, I dunno. Christmas stuff? Yah, that'll work, I'll just fill the void of gardening with household yammer. Lucky. You. Mebbe I'll get all crafty this winter in my [...]

Dum Dum de Dum

I figured the Imperial March from Star Wars sums up the mood of the week. Dark, dirge-like, morose yet powerful with a triumphant- I hope -ending. Just click the video and hum along with me. This is the soundtrack  to my week. I am in the middle of preparing for a Star Wars themed birthday [...]

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Is There Therapy For People Like Me?

Aaaah. Christmas time's  a 'coming. And it always comes a little bit earlier to our house.  Just a leeetle, not too much. Ok fine. It comes early, I am crazy and we set up the tree on Remembrance Day this year. Can I get away with it by claiming that I really have no time? [...]

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Baba’s Own Perogies/Cabbage Rolls Fundraiser!

Alrighty people. My son's school needs new dark-out blinds for the school gym. You wouldn't think this is high on the list of needs for a school, but when your children attend an arts core school that has multiple theatrical performances in said gym, you need dark out blinds. And that's just the first item [...]

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