Butter Tart Bars

Butter Tart bars are almost as easy as my homemade butter tarts. Almost. You do have to make a crust for these, but it is incredibly simple to whip up. These come from the 150 Delicious Squares Book, of which I have two copies to give away this week! Right in time for holiday baking. [...]

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Mincemeat Tarts. In August.

Yes, mincemeat tarts in August. To make a long story even longer, because that is what I do best while blogging,  my dearest husband found my frozen jar of mincemeat in the freezer, and starting getting ideas. The kind of idea that always involve me in the kitchen, in an apron, cooking. Fully clothed. Hey, what kinda girl do you take me for?  On second thought, don’t answer that question. […]