What Is It? Wednesday

We are officially residents of the south side. Moved in, moved on and in the new house. I find "in" such a relative word. We are most certainly "in" the house. All our possessions are definitely "in" the house. And "under" my feet..and all "over"...wait, I am getting into preposition territory now. I am assuredly [...]

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No Talkin’ Tuesday: Moving Day!!


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Project New House 2011- The Final Walk-Through

There's a lot of internal screaming with excitement going on right about now. Let it stand for the record that I am so incredibly lucky, blessed and grateful for the fact that we were able to build this new house.  I also thought we never would because I hate moving. I vowed we would never [...]

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Wild Mushroom Risotto

Oh, there will be mushroom recipes a' coming on this site! Thanks to the Wild Mushroom course that I just took at NAIT the past weekend, there are several new recipes that I have learned and can't wait to share.  The course was the most fun I have had in ages and of course a [...]

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No Talkin’ Tuesdays: Mountain Mushrooms


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