Pumpkin Bread

Now it's time to get on to a Pumpkin Loaf, or bread, because what kind of Pumpkin Week would it be if I didn't have a great pumpkin loaf as well? This recipe makes two loaves, which was perfect for my picky-pants husband, one was plain and the other was loaded with raisins and nuts [...]

Curried Pumpkin Soup

Here's the deal. Either you love pumpkin soup or you hate it, there is no inbetween.Creamy and rich, I have a long standing love affair with this soup.

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Pumpkin Dip

Pumpkin dip has to be the most amazing, delectable and evil thing I have ever encountered. I first tried it about 2 years ago at my friend Amanda's Halloween party, and it's been true love ever since.  It tastes like pumpkin pie filling, and you can eat it on gingersnaps, or graham wafers.  I can [...]

Pumpkin Scones

Even tastier than that famous coffee shop's pumpkin scones. You know the one. Homemade is better, cheaper and healthier for you.

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Pumpkin Drop Cakes

Welcome to Pumpkin Week!! I love cooking with pumpkin, I adore the smell of fall baking with spices and squashes and root vegetables. If I had to pick my favorite time of year to bake,  it would be from October to December. The next three months are going to be so much fun and so [...]

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