PieDay: Mini Chicken N Biscuit Pot Pies

Happy PieDay everyone, our favorite day of the week! A new pie recipe for everyone and Friday being the last day of the work week for most of  the workforce. I am getting back in my groove...starting to look at everything that I have to post on the site...do around the house...clean here and there..and [...]

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Happy PieDay! Andes Frozen Mousse Mint Pie

  Chocolate mint mousse. Homemade vanilla ice cream with Andes mint chips mixed in and a chocolate cookie crust. All is happy in the world of pies right about now. This one came from the back of the Andes Mint Baking chips bag, my usual last-minute panic recipe grab. When faced with surprise company or [...]

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Deathly Hallows Sugar Cookies

  My son's Harry Potter Birthday party went off beautifully, lots of Harry Potter themed food and children running around in sugar-induced glee.  The morning of the actual party I was up at 6 AM, fussing and fretting as I am wont to do the day of an event and decided that since I couldn't [...]

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Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Ice cream sandwiches in January. We Canadians do what we have to do. It's always winter here.

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Grape Soda Pop Cupcakes

Oh, yes I did! These lovelies were inspired by my first trip to the Bulk Barn, prompted by everyone on Twitter telling me how much I was missing in life by not frequenting said store. And I mean everyone. I think even Jessica Alba chimed in at one point and said "Are you crazy??" Ok, [...]

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