Oh, I’m Still Around

And boy, does this family love Halloween! Impatiently waiting for costumes and dances and chocolate.....and that's just me.

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Because Purple Rhinestone Skulls Suit Me

They do you know, suit me. Ask anyone who really knows me if purple rhinestone eyed skulls suit me, and they'll roll their eyes backwards in their head, and say " Um. Duh?" And that'll be one of the more eloquent of my compadres. I went to Micheal's with coupon in hand to get something [...]

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Pumpkin Drop Cakes

Welcome to Pumpkin Week!! I love cooking with pumpkin, I adore the smell of fall baking with spices and squashes and root vegetables. If I had to pick my favorite time of year to bake,  it would be from October to December. The next three months are going to be so much fun and so [...]

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Happy October!

I must be out of my gourd, I am actually happy that October is here, and fall approacheth. And speaking of gourds, what better way to say Welcome to October than a picture of my little witch cat and her pumpkins, pumpkin from MY garden, I might add. Mighty proud of my three small beauties. [...]

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