Garden Snapshots

A few of my fall beauties, my gaillardia fanfare, above, actually went to seed last year, and I have about 6 plants that grew this year. However, they aren't as healthy and large as the main one that I first planted. I re-read some information on them, and I have to cut them back hard [...]

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Easy Fall Vegetables You Can Grow Almost Anywhere

As we enter the fall season, the idea of planting our own vegetables can be both economical and nutritious. With such a variety of what we could plant, it is best to determine which vegetables grow best in the fall. If you like greens, then you are in luck. Green vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels [...]

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Happy Fall!

What a beautiful sunrise this morning, full of color and promise for Fall. And to celebrate, Mother Nature decided that its going to be oh, a mere 28-31 degrees Celsius today and tomorrow. that hot! I love it. I have been hoping for a great fall all summer, since let's face it, we got [...]

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Welcome Garden Mandy!

I am very pleased to welcome Garden Mandy as a guest writer on my home and garden blog, she has a really beautiful site with topics that I am avidly interested in.  You can visit her site here,  Garden Mandy, and browse her articles, all about being green, and gardening and organic loveliness! I am [...]

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Yard Additions

If there are garden deals to be found, my sister and I will sniff them out. Even if I am 400Km away from home, in the middle of a wedding weekend and in a strange town. I just knew if I went to the Walmart in Okotoks, I would score! Ok, to be honest, I [...]

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