Chocolate Turtle Bark

Sweet, salty and chewy chocolate bark. My favorite things all wrapped up in one amazing chocolate package.

Dark Chocolate Cookies

These are also known as Double Funk cookies, named by Cymantha at my work. The girls were having a day, as it sometimes happens around the time of the full moon-especially when you work at a hospital- and I asked her to name them. And so they were named due to the funk that everyone [...]

Last of the Garden

That's it, that's all, this gardening girl done for the season folks. Just about time to retire the garden category and start posting more house things. Like, I dunno. Christmas stuff? Yah, that'll work, I'll just fill the void of gardening with household yammer. Lucky. You. Mebbe I'll get all crafty this winter in my [...]

How To: Make Your Own Chocolates

You guessed it right,  blue stars for Star Wars. Part of the crazy week of making things for my son's birthday. Coming soon from the Kitchen Magpie near you: R2D2 birthday cake, complete with cursing and wondering why I don't just buy a cake. But for now, it's all about the chocolates in the goodie [...]

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Maisie’s Magical Christmas House Sneak Peek

It isn't officially open to the public until Friday, November 19th, but Mike and I took the kids, grabbed a hot chocolate and toured the house. And it's not because I got a special tour. I um, kinda just showed up with the family in tow while Jerry Dolynchuk tested things out. (click that link [...]

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