Dark Chocolate Cookies

These are also known as Double Funk cookies, named by Cymantha at my work. The girls were having a day, as it sometimes happens around the time of the full moon-especially when you work at a hospital- and I asked her to name them. And so they were named due to the funk that everyone [...]

Baba’s Own Perogies/Cabbage Rolls Fundraiser!

Alrighty people. My son's school needs new dark-out blinds for the school gym. You wouldn't think this is high on the list of needs for a school, but when your children attend an arts core school that has multiple theatrical performances in said gym, you need dark out blinds. And that's just the first item [...]

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Crispy chocolate sugar cookies are perfect for Halloween baking and decorating. Ghosts and goblins and witches, oh my!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: Pecan Bar Version

  The Tollhouse Chocolate cookie recipe is the best basic chocolate chip cookie recipe there is to be had, bar none. They perfected the perfect base for them and it has been around forever. My copy is from a newspaper, and either my grandma or my mom cut and taped the recipe into my huge [...]

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