Dark Chocolate Cookies

These are also known as Double Funk cookies, named by Cymantha at my work. The girls were having a day, as it sometimes happens around the time of the full moon-especially when you work at a hospital- and I asked her to name them. And so they were named due to the funk that everyone [...]

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Crispy chocolate sugar cookies are perfect for Halloween baking and decorating. Ghosts and goblins and witches, oh my!

Chocolate Cake #1

Well, I kicked the tires and lit the fires on my new mixer, she cut her teeth on my first homemade chocolate cake.  She still doesn't have a name, it will come with time, she will let me know her personality and gain her name. Yes, you should commit me, I am talking about my [...]

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Minty Ritz Delights

Salty Ritz crackers covered in mint chocolate with broken candy cane on top.Basically legal, less expensive crack.

Easy Chocolate Truffles

The easiest truffles you'll ever make. Psst. They're even better frozen.Little frozen balls of happy.