Teriyaki Chicken

Finding new and easy ways to make chicken can be so daunting. And boring, extremely mind-numbingly booooor-ing.  Just like the same chicken over and over is boring. So I wanted something new and something we hadn't had in a while. This recipe did the trick, and actually reminded me to get my Uncle Bob's sweet [...]

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Easy Chicken Florentine

The colder weather is here, and it makes me want to hunker down with carbs. Is this some sort of genetic conditioning? Survival of the fittest? Ok, well, definitely not survival of the "fittest" because who is fit after eating a pasta that has butter, bacon and cream in it? If your jeans button just [...]

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Sesame Chicken

This chicken dish is another simple one, like most people I really don't have the time to fiddle around with something; by the end of the day we are all tired, starving and ready to just eat and relax as a family. What actually takes me the longest with my recipes is now the fact [...]

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Parmesan Chicken

This recipe is one that I have had for a really long time. It was given to me by the camp cook at my Uncle's hunting lodge, and she always received rave reviews. It is an excellent chicken recipe when you feel like something completely out of the norm chicken-wise. Ingredients needed: 2-3 lbs of [...]

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The Kitchen Magpie’s Oven Crispy Chicken

Time warning: the chicken has to sit for 30 minutes before even baking in the oven Everyone has a version of crispy oven-fried chicken, and this one would be mine. What you have to create to your liking is really the spices that go into the flour coating, I found I can't stand ingredients like [...]

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