This recipe has made it onto my list of top chicken recipes. I would serve this to company, even those with fussy palates, as the curry flavor is incredibly mild, and enhanced by the sweet honey so perfectly, it makes your mouth water just to even smell it.

And its easy. Holy smokes, is this chicken easy!




1/2 cup of butter

1/2 cup of honey

1/4 cup of prepared mustard (this would be the stuff in the squirt bottle)

1 tsp curry powder

1 tsp salt

one chicken, sliced as you want, I did quarters

Kick the tires and light the fires to 350 degrees.


Ah curry, one of my favorite spices to add some originality to a recipe. One day soon, I will devote a week to curry cooking, I kid you not!  I have a huge repertoire of favorite recipes just waiting to burst forth. Sorry, I am such a tease!

You can either bake the chicken in a 9×13 pan, or, if you are like me and don’t have one, a foil lined baking sheet. See why I tell everyone that if I can cook this, you can cook it better? I bet that 99% of you who are reading this, own a 9×13 square baking dish. I do not. I threw it out when it was too scratched and completely not usable, and still haven’t bought one. Hmm. Put that on my shopping list.

So take all of your ingredients excepting the chicken and throw them into a pot. Yes, this is going to be THAT easy. Promise. Put those ingredients onto a medium hot burner.

Place your chicken onto the foil lined sheet, or, because you are obviously a far better cook than me, your 9×13 pan that you own.

See how easy this is? That is done. The ingredients are all melted and mixed together. Remove it from the stove.

Pour it over your chicken pieces, coating them all, then set aside some in a little dish for basting later. You don’t have to baste, but there is so much sauce that I love to spare some and use it later.

Saucy sauce set aside.

Then I took a brush and just made sure that there was enough sauce over the pieces of chicken. Just in case.

Ready! Put the chicken in your 350 degrees oven and cook until done. My quarter pieces took about 40 minutes.

Now. Important. The honey can and will burn if you have your rack in your oven set too high. Make sure its in the middle, erring on the lower side. Honey burns.  Basting will also help make sure it doesn’t burn as well. This is truly the only fiddly part about this recipe.

When its ready, serve it up!