*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Oh yes folks, ’tis the season when my blogging life comes to an almost screeching halt…posts get further and further apart…until I look and it’s been over a week until I last wrote something on here. Then the guilt creeps in.

Said guilt about falling behind can almost overtake a person, making it hard to get the gumption to write something.

The overwhelming metaphorical dark cloud of “things I should write” that is hovering over my head makes me want to put my head down and weep. Then wish I had the money for a ghost writer.

In the back of my mind, the niggling nags won’t stop.

Am I going to get around to writing about ice fishing before the blessed ice thaws?

When exactly, Karlynn, are you going to edit those weeks of photos you took? The cookies? The recipes?

One day – hopefully before the ice really does thaw and we are into planting season for crying out loud- I will write about ice fishing.

Perhaps I’ll explain why I am so facetious in the picture below. My eyes have the “I’m going to kill you when you put down the camera” look.


Oh oh and one day, I might actually write about the basement looking like this.

Oh please Lord, have mercy on me and let’s get this blinking basement done already.


Then I might also write about the amazing things that I have been up to and amazing things that are upcoming in the world of Magpie. Other than the Culinary Arts Cook Off, of course. I’ve been busy driving from one end of Edmonton to another picking up donations, meeting with chefs, wrapping up little ends that need to be taken care of. The cook off has me updating another website, writing posts over there and editing photos for that website.

I have learned I am a one website kinda gal, just like having a husband. I’m good with one. Most days.

So have patience with me,  the cook off is in 2 and a half weeks and after that, the recipes will be forthcoming, the posts about exciting things will be written and you might even see some pictures with those.

I’m also hopeful that the hours upon hours I have driving to Salt Lake City next week will let me write in the truck and be productive.

I’m crossing my fingers that I can share a few things from my trip to Salt Lake with all of you, even if they are quick little posts with pictures. I do so love my week in Salt Lake with Mike. We leave the kids, attend the Adobe Summit (which is an incredible amazing event!) and enjoy travelling together, like we did before kids.

So hang in there folks and life will get back to normal!

Well, as normal as anything gets with me.


The Absent But Still Present Magpie