Inspiration usually hits me when I am busy, flour covered and flustered, today being no exception to this rule. I’m quite literally in the middle of making ribs, stuffed potatoes and corn for dinner and whipping up a Saskatoon berry dessert when I think to myself; Self, you have so many Saskatoon recipes planned this week, why not make it an official Saskatoon berry recipes week?

My Self said yes.

Saskatoon season is upon us here in Edmonton (and oh-so many other places in the prairie provinces) and after I published my Saskatoon pie last week I have been bombarded with comments and requests for recipes, not to mention avid interest in these berries. People have bags upon bags in their freezers, or backyard bushes loaded with beautiful berries and nary an idea on how to use them up.

Well, let me help you out folks. I have tons of fresh Saskatoon berries that I picked from the roadside in BC when I was on vacation last week and I’ve already planned out 4 recipes. The fifth for my pie day will challenge me as I already posted my traditional Saskatoon pie recipe but I’ve pretty much got that one covered as well.

So tomorrow morning I will be posting my first recipe for everyone to tackle with their bags o’ Saskatoons and trees full of berries. What fun this week is going to be!


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